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3 al 6 Julio 2012  

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Osculating hyperplanes and asymptotic directions of codimension two submanifolds of Euclidean spaces (1999)
Inflection points and topology of surfaces in $4$-space. (2000)
Singularities and duality in the flat geometry of submanifolds of Euclidean spaces. (2001)
Bridges, channels and Arnold's invariants for generic plane curves. (2002)
Convexity and semiumbilicity for surfaces in $\Bbb R\sp 5$. (2002)
The index of analytic vector fields and Newton polyhedra (2002)
A method to estimate the degree of $C^0$-sufficiency of analytic functions (2002)
The analytic spread of monomial ideals (2003)
The index of analytic vector fields and Newton polyhedra (2003)
Lojasiewicz exponents, the integral closure of ideals and Newton polyhedra (2003)
The integral closure of ideals in C{x,y} (2003)
Inflection points and nonsingular embeddings of surfaces in $\bold R\sp 5$. (2003)
Topological invariants of stable maps from a surface to the plane from a global viewpoint. (2003)
On the horospherical ridges of submanifolds of codimension 2 in hyperbolic $n$-space. (2004)
Nondegenerate ideals in formal power series rings (2004)
The integral closure of modules, Buchsbaum-Rim multiplicities and Newton polyhedra (2004)
The lightcone Gauss map of a spacelike surface in Minkowski 4-space. (2004)
Lines of curvature, ridges and conformal invariants of hypersurfaces. (2004)
Semiumbilics and geometrical dynamics on surfaces in 4-spaces. (2004)
Principal configurations and umbilicity of submanifolds in $\Bbb R\sp N$. (2004)
Isolated roundings and flattenings of submanifolds in Euclidean spaces (2005)
Jacobian ideals and the Newton non-degeneracy condition (2005)
Global aspects of the classification of stable maps of compact surfaces in the plane. (2005)
The horospherical geometry of submanifolds in hyperbolic space. (2005)
Semiumbilics and 2-regular immersions of surfaces in Euclidean spaces. (2005)
Fold maps from the sphere to the plane (2006)
The horospherical Gauss-Bonnet type theorem in hyperbolic space. (2006)
The horospherical geometry of surfaces in hyperbolic 4-space. (2006)
Singularities of lightlike hypersurfaces in Minkowski four-space. (2006)
Stable maps from surfaces to the plane with prescribed branching data. (2007)
Some global properties of codimension-2 spacelike submanifolds in Minkowski space (2007)
Graphs of stable maps from closed orientable surfaces to the 2-sphere (2008)
Stable Gauss maps from a global viewpoint (2009)